About Us


Since its inception in 1990, Samarpan has been a volunteer-driven organization. The main source of income for Samarpan derives from membership dues, donations from members and friends and sponsorship from local business. We are grateful for all the support we have been receiving from our valued sponsors.

In the community we try to

  • Create awareness of our cultural values and heritage.
  • Enhance the well-being & Social standing.
  • Provide environment for people to learn culture, language and art.
  • Organize cultural events encompassing Indian traditional and contemporary songs, drama and dances.
  • Promote the involvement of youth in our various programs.

Samarpan has raised funds and donated generously to flood, Tsunami and other natural disasters that affected victims in India. By inculcating artistic background and thereby enhancing the ethical dimension, Samarpan believes the members will become compassionate and better human beings apart from being successful in their individual aspirations.

It is a non-profit organization where members work voluntarily.

Samarpan mission is to devote the organization's effort toward promoting the interest and well-being of all Gujaratis in Kuwait as well as ensuring the intergenerational continuity of our rich cultural and traditional heritage. The objective to enhance the ethical dimensions in the minds of the young by having them involved in arts and cultural events has opened a greater perspective in their lives over the years. It is a delight to see yesterday’s children have not only blossomed into today’s young professionals but also grown to appreciate the best of both cultures – east and west.

As long as we truly believe in the values of the Indian way of life, not because of tradition but its power of spirituality, the Gujarati culture will remain a part and parcel in our lives.

Gujarati businessmen landed in Kuwait, way back in 1924 and the community steadily kept growing in numbers.

In 1969 prominent Gujarati businessmen like Sri Ravjibhai Patel, Sri Chaunibhai Patel, Sri Shantibhai Patel, Sri Gokulbhai Sagar, Sri Tapubhai Mehta, Sri Chhotubhai Thakkar, Sri Natubhai Thakkar, Sri Kantibhai Thakkar and other formed the very first ever association in Kuwait, known as “GUJARATI SAMAJ”. Mr. Tapubhai Mehta was the founder president.

Due to lack of proper place and reasons beyond control “Gujarati Samaj” became inactive and slowly became a non-existent entity. During Oct/Nov.1989 under the leadership of Dr.Satish Parikh, Gujaratis residing in Kuwait once again got united and celebrated Navratri Mathotsava with a view to revive the inactive “Gujarati Samaj”. Gujarati Samaj was re organized with a new look and new name “SAMARPAN”.